What is MallShopee?

MallShopee is a disruptive MallTech platform, operating on a mall aggregation hybrid ‘online and offline’ digital standardized platform, targeting increase in footfall for malls and retail stores, increase in customer interaction, and enable revenue maximization.

MallShopee vision & mission

Our mission is to create India‟s first and finest mall aggregation model; this model will bring both „Business‟ (mall developers and store owners), and „Customer‟ on a single platform, enabling high footfall, better communication between B2B/C, and higher RoI. MallShopee will provide a comprehensive online visibility of the complete mall ecosystem, enabling customer engagement and loyalty – benefiting mall owners, store within malls and end customers.

To be a disruptive “MallTech” platform; a mall aggregation, aimed to address the gaps and challenges faced by all stakeholders across the mall value chain; achieved by starting as a discovery platform and ultimately through automation and artificial/ business intelligence matrices.

Why MallShopee?

  • MallShopee for Malls
    Challenge faced by Malls
    1. Competition with e commerce platforms
    2. More window shoppers
    3. Limited visibility of offers & deals
    4. Reduced footfall/ROI
    Solution by MallShopee
    1. Dedicated mall page
    2. Virtual mall experience
    3. Explore the deals, offers & vouchers before visit
    4. Trial, leasing feature and many more.
  • MallShopee for Stores or Brands
    Challenge faced by Malls
    1. Success linked to the mall performance
    2. Limited visibility of brand
    3. Low customer engagement & retention
    4. High rentals
    Solution by MallShopee
    1. Individual brand awareness
    2. Cross selling, Affiliate marketing, targeted marketing & global inventory
    3. Features like virtual bargain, trial, leasing etc. will help out
    4. MallShoppe will work 24/7 as a support
  • MallShopee for Customers
    Challenge faced by Malls
    1. Counterfiets/ quality challenges
    2. Low visibility of offers & events
    3. No dedicated mall aggregation model
    4. Exploring the mall ecosystem
    Solution by MallShopee
    1. Know your seller
    2. Subscribe, like & follow
    3. All in one platform
    4. Easy with the app/website

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