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MallShopee, presents a unique hybrid digital platform aimed at brining all stakeholders involved in a mall transaction closer i.e. malls, brands and end customers. The aim is to increase awareness around brand existence, events, offers & deals, product portfolio existing in stores/ malls and enables planned shopping.

MallShopee offering B2B & B2C Solution

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Benefits to Partners
Increase footfall

MallShopee adopts a combination of unique and best in class customer engagement features enabling higher footfall.

Revenue Maximization

MallShopee, a blend of online and offline shopping enables brands increase their business reach and revenue.

Brand Awareness

MallShopee augments your receptiveness through a dedicated web page and encourages the consumers to buy directly from the brand stores across malls and make product tails or bookings in your favorite food joints, movie theaters and salon, etc.

Mall Ecosystem

Time to think differently with MallShopee, it presents an opportunity to make maximum of the amazing mall ecosystem by showcasing your products and services in our platform.

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Doing Business with MallShopee
Why MallShopee ?

MallShopee is a groundbreaking concept, designed to deliver a myriad of perks for buyers,sellers, and mall operators. Serving as an unwavering customer acquisition platform, the app - paired with an online portal - enables mall owners, brands, and other retail businesses to increase footfall maximize revenue and conversions, while giving shoppers more than a few reasons to come back to malls.

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Perpetuity Online Services Pvt Ltd

Address: G-79, G Block, 1st Floor, Sector 63,
Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Pin: 201301

Phone: +91 - 11-39595980

Email: support@mallshopee.com

Snapshot of a few discussions…
  • “I understand the power of your platform but will like to have an option to run an e-store on your platform where I become visible in malls where I don’t even exist – a win-win for us & malls.” - DaMilano
  • “The product is very niche and we can see a lot of value and synergies” - MGF Malls
  • “We are opening our first Mall store in Pacific, we would like to start with a launch on your platform if the mall would have been integrated by that time” - Decathlon
  • “The product is niche and has a high disruption value. We will like to get started for whole North India in one go” - Woodland
  • “We see you as an extended virtual employee working in store 24/7 to get us business at 1/4th the cost of store operator” - Carlton London
  • “We understand you have a strong proposition, can you help us do branding too for better sales” - Scullers, Indus League & Fossil